3 Simple Ways to Customize Your Builder Grade Home

Do you live in a builder grade home? I do! My third, actually. Here in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, there really isn’t much else! Thought I’d share a few simple tips to make your space just a little different than the neighbors…and up the value while you’re at it!

1: Swap Hardware

Take a look at your cabinet hardware and door handles. Can you swap those out for something that is a little more custom? A little more you? Maybe a different finish color that will modernize your kitchen or bathroom. Hardware is often a big bang, for a small buck.


2: Get after it with a paintbrush!

In our first home building process, we had three interior paint colors to choose from. THREE. Have you seen a paint deck??? There are thousands….Lucky for us, a can of paint averages $35.00. So get to painting! Don’t be afraid to tackle trim and doors too. A contrasting color on those finishes can be a bold, swoon-worthy look.

Modern bathroom
Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Get After those Walls and Ceilings!

Wall coverings are a great way to customize your home. DIY a board and batten, or hire a great carpenter for millwork on an accent wall or staircase. Add ceiling beams to cozy up a room and bring the eyes up. Wallpaper is a great way to customize too. There are super reasonable removable vinyl options out these days that require no experience to install and no wall prep because of their thickness. Just go for it!