Christmas Decor: 5 Tips for Keeping it Classy

How I love the holidays! I’m strictly an “after Thanksgiving” decorator, but Black Friday hits, and Christmas explodes in my home. That said, to keep things from looking like JOY threw up everywhere, here are my top five tips for a gorgeous, cozy, and classy home at Christmas.

Tip #1: Less is More

Nobody wants to feel like they are living in Santa’s Workshop, keep it simple. Love this simple color palette where nature does the talking: greenery, candles, wood tones, white brick, pops of black and the front door blue accent color.

Door christmas decor
Photo Credit: Crate & Barrel

Tip #2: Dress Up that Mantle

That fireplace has gotta be ready for Santa, right? Dress up that mantle with layered garland and candles. I love this asymmetrical style draped more fully on one side. Don’t have a mantle? Use your doorways or full length mirror for a little something extra.


Tip #3: Wreath the Indoors

Don’t stop at the front door wreath. Hang those wreaths on your interior windows for a festive look without adding clutter. Use command hooks or ribbon from a small nail right above your trim to hang them. Bonus, they look just as pretty from the outside looking in!

Wreaths in kitchen
Photo Credit: @amelialawrence_design

Tip #4: Go Big on Greenery

Remember when I said, “less is more?” Well, here’s where you can bring out the big guns. If there is one place to invest in decor you will use year after year, it’s garland. I like to layer two types together for a fuller, leafier look. Dress it up with twinkle lights and beautiful ribbon.

Garland on staircase
Photo Credit: @monikahibbs

Tip #5: Ditch the Themey Stuff

Gotta speak my truth here, folks…stick with your day to day upholstery and pillows. No need for the “Ho Ho Ho” or “Let it Snow” pillows. Sorry to disappoint you, but maybe it’s time those bad boys saw retirement.

Garland decoration
Photo Credit: Emily Henderson Design

And finally, don’t take it all so seriously. Christmas is supposed to be FUN. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty you see on the internet. Work with what you’ve got and make it feel like home. Merry Christmas!